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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I have been telling Jack about the pumpkin patch for a few days now. We even watched "Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin" a few nights ago. I really thought he would love this place when we went for playgroup today. He still must be a bit too young. I think he had a good time - but instead of sliding down the slide and jumping in the jump house - he wanted to wander around the perimeter fence.
Go figure!
We still have a bunch of tickets for the rides, so perhaps we will go back this weekend and try it again.He insisted I climb up the slide and slide down with him. So - I climbed up the slide, pregnant and with him on my hip. Call me crazy . . . cause it doesn't even look like he had fun! And this little ride scared him. They had to stop it so he could get off because he was crying so hard. Is it bad that I laughed the whole time? It was just one of those classic scenes . . .

He did love climbing over all the pumpkins.
Maybe next year will be more fun for him!