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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

32nd Annual KSL Radiothon for Primary Children's Medical Center

Thanks to my cousin in Salt Lake City . . . I found out about the 32nd Annual KSL Radiothon taking place February 25th and 26th in Salt Lake City, UT. The site above explains more about the broadcast, but it basically is a fundraiser by a radio station to help PCMC raise money. To date, they have raised more than 5.5 million dollars and that may sound like a lot, but I know there is a need for much more help. There are so many babies and children who are in need of intensive medical care. I know the fundraiser is over today . . . but donations are always accepted. Here is the link on their websitefor donations . . . http://intermountainhealthcare.org/xp/public/primary/giving/donate/.
I don't have to tell you how much PCMC means to me. Tears flood my eyes just thinking about the facility and staff who helped us and Gavin. PCMC was the hospital who offered to take Gavin after we had been turned away by three other hospitals because it would "cost too much" to have him occupy a bed for an undefined amount of time. We had specialist after specialist work with Gavin and they pushed so hard to find an answer for us. They never gave up on Gavin, and other children deserve the same opportunity.

One of the things that is so wonderful about PCMC is that it is a non-profit hospital. They are not out to make money . . . they are there for the children and are able to do this because of donations. Our bills from PCMC have been substatially lower than our other hospital bills and it is only because of the donations made to PCMC through events like the Festival of Trees and the KSL Radiothon. Children like Gavin are multi-million dollar babies (yes, I really mean multi-million) and when you are in the middle of a situation like that, the last thing you are thinking about is money. But the worry of money does become an issue when the situation balances out and you receive the insurance statements and hospital bills. We are in a very fortunate situation to have had Gavin at PCMC. I just wanted to give a little plug for PCMC today . . . I know I will contribute as much as I can for many more years to come. I owe PCMC and Valley Hospital here in Las Vegas for giving me three months with my son. Without these two hospitals and the amazing staff and friends we made there, we may not have had Gavin as long as we did.
Here are a few pictures from Gavin's flight to PCMC. The PCMC flight crew came to get him in Las Vegas and flew him on a life flight jet. We always said that Gavin knew how to travel in style! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Look how big Gavin looks in the transport bed!

The PCMC flight staff was so wonderful.

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