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Monday, February 18, 2008

Gavin's Headstone

Last weekend my sister Rebecca came to Vegas for a visit. We took her out to see Gavin's headstone and then I realized I never posted about when they set the stone. So . . . here it is. We are still waiting for the pictures to be placed on the front and back of the stone. The front will have a picture of his sweet little face and the back will have the picture of Gavin's foot with our wedding rings on his big toe. The front of the marker is kinda hidden in this pictures but the bottom says, "Too small to pick up a stone; he moved a mountain grew weary and went home." The back of his stone is a portion of a poem I wrote for him. I think it turned out well and it's a wonderful monument to remember the life of our brave, sweet fun boy.

This is the picture that will be placed on the back of the stone after the poem.


Malia said...

That is so beautiful...all of it. What a special place that will always be. I love it.

Um, on a lighter note...can I tell you how jealous I am that you're wearing short sleeves, capris and flip flops in February?! I'm moving to Vegas!

alli may said...

it looks awesome. your quotes and poem are amazing. it's beautiful.

T-Ray said...

He really did move mountains

Tiffani said...

I love your poem. So sweet. Can't wait to see it with his cute pics on the stone.

Rachel said...

That picture of his foot and the gravestone are BEAUTIFUL! It is kind of hard to pick a marker out without experience, huh? What a wonderful monument to Gavin, and your love for him.