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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We all have them . . . Christmas traditions. Jason and I have started a new tradition this year that we intend to carry on for years to come. Gavin's Christmas Tree. Last year some of Jason's extended family decorated a beautiful tree for the PCMC Festival of Trees in Gavin's name. Jason's parents were kind enough to purchase the tree and gave it to us so we can have a sweet reminder of our Gavin during the Christmas season.

We have decided to put up Gavin's Christmas Tree in remembrance of him and to help teach our other children about their older brother.
It was a bitter sweet evening decorating Gavin's tree this year.

And wrapping the little lamb he loved on the tree.

But his memory reminds us to have

and his life taught us how to haveand

Merry Christmas my Little Bug. Momma and Daddy love you.


LuDLoW LiFe said...

What a beautiful tree! You're getting close, to that little guys arrival. I hope this Holiday Season brings much Happiness.

Malia said...

That tree is beautiful and I think that is a wonderful tradition for YOU to think of Gavin...and will be a great and important tradition for years to come as your kids remember their big brother.

Heather said...

Last night 4 of my friend's from my ward (our ward now) brought by a little tree and a bag full of ornaments that some families from the ward purchased for Jacey. I think it is such a sweet idea and such a thoughtful gesture. Yours is a little more glamorus but to have a tree to remember my little girl is dear to me. Your tree is beautiful.