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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Little Snow Angel

These pictures are a few weeks old, but I wanted to post them anyway. Two weeks ago we had a snow storm in Las Vegas! It was crazy! The next morning I was driving to work and when I saw how peaceful the cemetery looked I asked Jason to stop by and take pictures before the snow melted. It may be one of the only times we get pictures like these living in the desert!


The Strand Family said...

CONGRATS on an AMAZING December!!! So glad to hear that the baby is doing outstanding!!! Where is the new house? Way to go Jason :) We are sp proud of you guys.

Sam and Lacey said...

I love his headstone in the snow!I am so glad thay you little baby boy is doing great.I can't wait to hear of his birth.

Scott, Amber, and Landon said...

the snow really makes the cemetary look peaceful and all heaven-like. I'm sure little Gavin is enjoying his last month with baby Jack until he comes to meet you guys! So exciting!!