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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He Did It!

Jason graduated with his Masters in Business (MBA) Tuesday December 16, 2008 from UNLV. I can't even begin to express my love and admiration for Jason and his hard work. He has worked hard and fought through so many good and trying times. Watching Jason walk across the stage to receive his diploma was amazing.
After the ceremony we went to Lawry's for dinner. It was great to have family here to support him and recognize the time and hard work he has devoted to his schooling.
I am so proud of you, Jason. I knew when I married you that you were a hard worker - but you continue to amaze me every single day. I love you.


Brent B. said...

Congrats Brotha!!!
You amaze.

Malia said...

Congratulations Jason! That is an accomplishment that Scott is still looking forward to with a LOT of anticipation. I'm going to show him this post to motivate him. :) Way to go!

The Lyman Family said...

Congratulations Jason! We hope you are doing well and wish you both a Merry Christmas!

The Loesevitz Family - said...

You look so great! I can't wait for you to have the baby. I keep checking your blog to see if he's made his arrival yet! Ya know... I need to find my Cimarron yearbook. I KNOW we hung out a couple times. Looking at your pictures totally made me remember you more! It's crazy how time goes by and you forget so much! Well, keep yourself rested and make sure you blog when you have your little guy. I am so excited for you!



PS... I am going to put ya on my blog friends list - hope that's okay :-)