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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anonymous' Question

Q: I was wondering if you felt different while you were pregnant with Jack than you did with Gavin. Did you have that motherly instinct that one boy would be healthy? I am currently pregnant and have a feeling that there is something wrong with my baby. I may just be overreacting.

Dear Anonymous,

That is a tricky question. It took us almost a year to get pregnant with Gavin. During that year I prayed and prayed for a child. When I found out I was pregnant I was so happy and nervous. I actually had some minor complications at the very beginning of my pregnancy with Gavin that led to quite a bit of worry for the first few months. After reading this question I went to look at my journal to see how I felt during those first few months. I came across a line that said, "I just feel like something isn't right."

That being said - I must warn you that I am the ULTIMATE worrier! After the first few months of pregnancy I relaxed a lot and felt very comfortable until my 36 week check up. During that visit is when I voiced some concern to my doctor about Gavin's movements. Because of that conversation I was monitored and we were able to get him here that night before anything drastic happened.

I can't say that I KNEW exactly what was wrong. However, I can say that I always had this lingering feeling that he was a special baby. I just didn't know what that meant. Now I do. I think mothers are inspired and prepared for a reason.

I felt fairly comfortable during my pregnancy with Jack and that was mostly due to the doctors and testing they did throughout my pregnancy. I had multiple check ups a week and that was mostly for my sanity. On more than one occasion I called my doctor and asked for an ultrasound just to check in on Jack.

I would say if you have concerns to talk with your doctor. Ask for tests if they will bring you peace of mind. I am not sure if you are religious - but I know that a lot of prayer helped me get through some of those feelings and helped me understand what God had in store for my family. Perhaps it may sounds trite, but ask Him. And ask for comfort if you shouldn't worry.

Good luck and have a good PMA. (That is my husband's acronym for Positive Mental Attitude. We ask each other all the time about our PMA for the day. ) You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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