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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A First Sentence?

Yesterday I laid Jack down for his morning nap. He held on to this little red ball the whole time I rocked him. I put him to bed with it. Then I hear screaming and this . . . "MAMAMAMAMAMA BAWWWW!" I walk in to find him standing on his tip toes in his crib reaching as far as he can over the side. The ball was on the ground. I picked it up for him, handed it to him and he laid down and went right to sleep. Perhaps I am over analyzing, but I am pretty sure that was his first semi-sentence!


The Yardley's said...

He is just absolutley the cutest baby boy I have ever seen! If I could have one as cute as him I would be prego like yesterday! That totally counts as a sentence!

Brittanie said...

I'll accept that as a first sentence. He was telling you what he wanted, and you understood him. Sounds good to me! lol


Brandon and Teresa R said...

I think you're right! How exciting!!!