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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jason's 30th Birthday Surprise

Today my adorable husband turned 30 years old. I knew I had to do something fantastic for his birthday, so I spent lots of time thinking about what he would enjoy. I knew a weekend getaway would be right up his alley this year. We haven't left Jack over night yet - so I decided it was time. I set everything up with my mom to have Jack stay with her and organized all the gatherings for a weekend away.
I surprised him when he got home from work Friday night with these root beer bottles that had clues to what we were doing for the weekend. He had no idea we were leaving town. I had his bag packed and ready to go.
So, we headed off to Cedar City for dinner at Lupitas (a favorite college restaurant of ours) and then a night at the cabin. Our friends Scott and Amber met us up at the cabin Friday night and we had a super fun time with them hanging out til 3 am and then being able to sleep in til 10:30!

Here is the birthday boy. Never ceases to find a moment to make me laugh.
And I bought his cake from the Cupcakery. Red Velvet with cream cheese filling. YUM!

Happy Birthday my Jason! I know 30 is going to be a good year. You are a wonderful husband, father and best friend. I love you.


Jessi W said...

What an AWESOME birthday present. When I was little it was my secret wish that I would come home from school and my Mom would say, "Surprise! We're going on vacation!" How fun!

T-Ray said...

I need some of that cake . . . .