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Thursday, February 18, 2010


So often the word "unexpected" has such a negative connotation. We often hear of unfortunate unexpected events. Rarely do I associate that word with a positive view. Trust me, we have had our fair share of unexpected events in our life, but this morning as I watch Jason walk out the door to go to work I thought to myself, "He is so unexpected."
Let me explain.
Jason and I met when we were young. I mean YOUNG. We met when I was 18 and he was 21. We met at college and began dating shortly after we met. It was so unexpected.
Then, six months later we were engaged. Even more unexpected.
Four months later when I was 19 and he was 22 we were married.
All of this was unexpected to me. I never pictured myself married THAT young. And even though we were young - marriage has totally worked for us. Jason is my unexpected joy. I never imagined it could be THIS good. I mean, I am crazy about this guy. He stole my heart and has brought me happiness, laughter, and blessings too numerous to count. I was so amazed at the wonderful father Jason was to Gavin.
Another unexpected turn in our life.
Jason's diligence, sacrifice, hard work, love and support helped both Gavin and myself through those three months the the NICU. Jason's kindness, understanding and patience helped me through the grief that followed after Gavin passed away. Neither of us pictured life that way - but that was our road we were given. Looking back it was so unexpected, yet so amazing.
And even more unexpected was Jason's love for our next son Jack. I love the picture below. Jason looks like he is in awe of this little newborn. I can see the gratitude in his eyes.
Gratitude for the unexpected. A healthy, happy and lively little boy.
So unexpected after the previous road we were on.
Jason has so much love for Jack. I always knew Jason would be a wonderful father, but he has exceeded my expectations with the way he loves both of our boys.
So unexpected.

Life can bring so many wonderful "unexpected" events. My biggest unexpected event is the presence of a wonderful husband, father to my boys, and best friend. He loves me in the midst of my craziness, in the joys of life and in my deepest, darkest hour of despair. He is the person I turn to for everything. He "gets" me with all my imperfections. I love him like I can't explain. I never imagined I would find a guy like him, but I did.

So unexpected.


Malia said...

Cute post! I totally EXPECTED Jason to find someone incredibly wonderful to marry but YOU are way more than I, and I'm sure he, ever expected. You two are perfect for each other.

Jason said...

I agree with Malia. Linds, you are totally unexpected. Love you baby.

Plus, you're really hot too! :)

Brittanie said...

Jason, I love your comment! Tell her that often!

This post brought tears to my eyes. I often tell people my husband fell out of the sky into my lap. I was preparing mission papers. He was completely unexpected. But the Lord knew what he was doing, and there have been more GOOD unexpecteds on our road than the bad ones.

You both look so happy in the pictures, and that speaks volumes.

Brandi said...

What a beautiful post!!

Emma said...

So I have done a little blog hopping and I found you.

Your blog is great, you are such a cute girl... And you have a darling family.

I loved the book these is my words. I think I cried for about 10min. when I was done reading it.


Brandon and Teresa R said...

this is so sweet. I am so glad you found each other too!