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Monday, February 8, 2010

Projects Big and Projects Small

We have started a million projects these last few weeks. We spent the weekend trying to catch up. Here are a few . . .
We decided we wanted to refinish our kitchen cabinets. Our friend has been helping Jason build an extension on the top of the cupboards and refinish them. Here are a few pictures from the building phase. Hopefully this week we will be painting and glazing to give them an antique look. I will post the finished look when they are done.
We added beadboard to all the edges of the cabinets as well. Crown molding will be added to the very top at the end.

We spent a romantic *ha ha* Friday night sanding the cabinets.

And then an even MORE romantic Saturday *ha ha ha* deglazing and deep cleaning.

I did get a few Valentine's Day decorations made during the weekend too with some of the extra wood left over from the cabinets.

And last, but not least, we got Jack's play room put together. Now, on to decorating the playroom . . .


Holly said...

Those turned out so cute!!!! Next time you feel crafty call me so I can come learn from you, Please!!!

Heather and Billy said...

Holy moly busy girl!!
Your Vday decorations turned out super cute!!!

Ashley Gaskell said...

that is so awesome!! i miss doing projects like with mike! it was such a good way to spend time together. cant wait to see the finished product!!! :)

Baldwin Fam said...

Look at you crafty kids with all your projects. Now you can't say anymore that Jason won't do projects himself.:)I'd say kitchen cabinets qualify as a do it your selfer. :)

T-Ray said...

Love the playroom. It looks fantastic. And I love the cute Valentine's Day decorum. Well done.