"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts Of "R"

Today my thoughts have been with "M" and "S". They know who they are. Today it has been six years since their baby boy "R" returned to our Heavenly Father. Technically, they are Jason's friends from high school. Now they are mine too.
In the time of my greatest grief M was there by my side. She emailed me pretty much daily through that first year after Gavin passed away. She reached out to me because she knew the grief so well. She had lived it years before I had. She let me vent, she let me be angry, she let me cry and she helped me find hope. She understood the pain that only a mother who has buried a child could understand. She never judged me for the feelings I had and she never condemned me for the things I said. She was loving, kind, compassionate and supportive. A rock when my world was spinning out of control. She is truly one of my nearest and dearest friends.
So today, I have thought about her sweet R all day. Days like this - I find I have so much love for these precious babies. We love you R. Your momma and daddy are wonderful people. You are a blessing to all of us.


Malia said...

Thank you, Lindsay. I could pretty much just copy and paste what you said into my own post about you. I love you and you've been SUCH a blessing in my life. I can't wait to get to raise our boys together someday.

T-Ray said...

I too am thinking of these amazing people. You will all raise those kiddos together one day.

Henich Family said...

Ah what a sweet post for an amazing family!

We love S family too!