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Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Clearance

So, against my husband's will, I purchased around 200 Christmas bulbs from Target's Christmas clearance section. I bought a bunch of different sizes and only spent around $30. And since I bought them . . . I had to do something with them, right?

A friend of mine had a picture of one of these wreaths on her blog. I decided I should try a few. The two at the top are made with bigger bulbs and the two on the bottom are made with the really tiny ones. I plan on taking one of the small ones over to Gavin next Christmas and keeping the others ones to hang on our bedroom doors.

To make these, you just hot glue the silver top onto the bulb so it won't come apart and then thread the bulbs onto a wire hanger shaped into a circle.

To finish (and this is the part I haven't done yet) you can tie a big ribbon at the top to hang the wreath from.

Super cute, super easy and super cheap!


Shannon & Eli said...

those are darling. I LOVE the ones with the bigger bulbs!

cassi said...

Those turned out so cute! Great idea to get the after christmas sales!!

Julia Edwards said...

These are really cute, I'm the R.S. Activity Committee Head (used to be Enrichment) these would be fun to do for one of our activities.