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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jack Is One Year Old!

My little Jack Jack isn't so little anymore! This morning I woke up before he did and thought all about the day he was born - the love I felt and the tender mercy he is in my life. Then I heard him rolling around and causing a ruckus in his crib. This is how I found him this morning . . . playing peek-a-boo! What a funny kid! We have hit so many milestones this year. And I am grateful for each and every one of them. I love everything about being a mother. Yes, I am grateful for the difficult days too, I am just glad to have them with Jack.

This month Jack:

- weighs 19 lbs. 6 oz.
- grew two more teeth - his top "fangs" as we like to call them. The first one came in on 12/22/09 and the second on 1/11/10.
- took seven steps on 1/12/10
- eats everything that he can feed himself - but NOTHING we feed him on a spoon
- points at objects with his index and middle fingers crossed
- slept through every night this month (except the nights we were in SLC for Christmas)!
- loves to cuddle and rock before his naps
- still is taking two naps a day (YESSS!)
- waves bye-bye
- is now drinking whole milk
- still doesn't hold his own bottle
- is sitting in a front facing car seat
- got his first case of the croup
- actually made it through all of church without too much of a fuss
- loves to read books WITH me (i.e. he reads his owns while I read aloud from another)
- is lovable and joyful and energetic
- like to climb to the top of his slide and watch the Wiggles from there


Malia said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!! We're ALL so grateful for you!

carly said...

happy birthday to jack! he is so cute lindsay!