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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Grandma's View

This is an email from my mom regarding Jack's birth. It was very heart warming to hear what she had to say about the day Jack was born.
You all know how I feel about my mother.
I love her so much.
The day Jack was born was such a stressful and exhausting day. And I wasn't even the one giving birth! The struggles and the anxiety of the previous few years had taken a toll on all of us. And even if we were not in the trenches, we were on the sideline watching you and Jason struggling through some of life's most difficult challenges. When dad and I heard Jack's cries through the delivery room door we both burst into sobs - a nurse came out and asked if everything was okay. We were both too choked up to say anything but we nodded our heads "yes". We were so relieved and so happy that the little guy was finally here with us. Yes, it was a great day. And we are so excited to think about all the good and great days ahead of all of us.


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

Aw, tears over here!

Kristy said...

Hi Lindsay,
I went to high school with Jason and I'm a secret blog stalker of yours! What an amazing story you guys have! You are both amazing people and awsome examples! Thanks for letting me stalk! Love your posts!