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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reading Is Serious Business

Today Jack saw me reading my book and decided he wanted to read too. He got a very serious face and opened his animal book. Apparently animals are very serious business.
I just hope he continues to love books.


Jessi W said...

Haha, I love that the book is upside down.

Brittanie said...

Sooo cute!! It's so great to see children "read." I hope my kids continue to love their books too.

T-Ray said...

If his aunt Trish has anything to do with it, she will definitely make sure the kid is a book worm. I love that he loves books. He melts my heart.

Ashley Gaskell said...

ok, so i love your blog and Jack is SOOOO dang cute!! it is so cute watching little ones reading books! lately aiden will make me put him in the girls' bed and he will pull the covers up over him and read a book. he will do that for like 20 min before bedtime. i love it!!