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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday Jack

My Sweet Jack,

Happy First Birthday! Can you believe a year has already gone by? What a sweet day this is. I have so much gratitude for you. This year has been full of so much happiness and joy. You have brightened the atmosphere in our home and lifted our heavy hearts. You have brought an energy to our family that is simply delightful.

Of course, like most moms, I can remember every detail of the day you were born. We were at the hospital at 4am and at 12:08pm you entered this world. I remember hearing your loud cry, your clear lungs and saw you squirm all over. I knew that our prayers concerning a healthy body for you were answered. The delivery room was filled with so much love the day you were born. I was exhausted and tired - but the minute I held you I knew I wanted to stay awake forever just to examine your little body and watch all the funny faces you made for us. That was such a big deal for us.

I remember the few nights we stayed in the hospital with you while I recovered and you were observed, were difficult. I had NO IDEA what to do with a crying baby. And boy, did you CRY! We had so many wonderful visitors who loved you. And many visitors who knew your brother as well and could understand what a miracle you are in our lives.

My little Jack-Attack. You delight me. You exhaust me. You make me smile and laugh. I wish I could explain to you the love I have for you - but that is something you will understand better when you hold your own child for the first time. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do for you.

I hope you have a wonderful first birthday.
I feel so much joy today.
I love you.


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Brittanie said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!