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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time Traveling

These past few days and the anticipation of the weekend have been like time travel for me. I think it is pretty normal for a mom to relive the days prior to a child's birth. I have to admit, I have been feeling a little sorry for myself . . . I just didn't imagine I would I would be reminiscing without my baby boy here. The day he was born was the most difficult day of all. We were happy to have a beautiful little boy, but we were shocked, scared, sad and heartbroken with the news of his health. So, for the sake of remembering I thought I would do a little timeline of the day before and his birthday.

Thursday July 26, 2007

9:00am My brother Matt is leaving for the Boy Scout Jamboree in London and sends me a text that says, "Don't have baby while I am gone." I send a text back and say, "No worries. He won't be here for another four weeks."

9:30am I arrive at my 36 week check up with my OB. I tell him that I have noticed a difference in fetal movement since last night. He was still moving, but it wasn't quite the same.

9:45am My doctor sets me up on a non stress test to observe fetal movement in his office.

10:15am The nurse brings in a glass of juice to give the baby sugar in hopes that he will move a little more.

10:45am The baby is barely moving and the doctor tells me to go get lunch, drink something really sugary and meet him at Valley Hospital triage for more observation.

10:50am I call Jason and inform him I have to go to the hospital. He freaks. I call my mom who is at the airport with 20 boys scouts trying to get them on their international flight to London. She starts freaking out too and I say, "Mom, there is NO WAY I am having this baby today. Don't freak out."

11:30am I go to the mall and eat a Hot-Dog-On-a-Stick and order a large lemonade. I was sure food would get the baby moving.

Noon I meet Jason in the parking lot at Valley Hospital. I really wasn't worried, but I could tell Jason was nervous.

1:00pm I am hooked up to a monitor to observe the baby's movements. He is not moving at all, but he has a very strong heartbeat.

3:00pm The decided to induce contractions to see how he reacts to them and see if that will get him moving.

5:00pm The doctors discover that the baby's heartbeat is dropping every time I contract. They stop the induced contractions and we wait to hear from my OB.

6:30pm We discuss our options with my OB and he feels like the cord may be compressed and it is too much stress on the baby. A lack of oxygen could cause damage to the baby. We decided to induce labor that night.

7:00pm My mother and brother James arrived at the hospital after we call to tell them we are having the baby tonight. Jason gives me a blessing before they take me to my labor and delivery room. In the blessing he tells me that I will be bringing one of the Lord's choicest spirits to this earth. As soon as the blessing was over I asked Jason, "How special is this boy? Does he have brain damage?" They all tell me I am overreacting . . .

7:15pm My dad arrives at the hospital and takes Jason home to pack the bags and get the car seat. We are all a little nervous, but mostly excited.

8:00pm A nurse comes in with a wheelchair to take me to the labor and delivery room. My brother James pushes me down the hallway.

9:00pm My dad and Jason return with newborn outfits, a car seat and all the essentials to take a baby home. The nurse starts the pitocin.

11:00pm My family leaves the hospital knowing it will be a long night for us.


Friday July 27, 2007

6:00am Jason calls my mom and asks her to come sit with me for a bit. Poor guy . . . he had been up all night with me.

6:45am My mom arrives and brings the hairbrush I requested. (I won't even begin to describe what my hair looked like.)

7:00am I actually fall asleep for a little bit with the aid of the epidural and my momma. :)

8:00am The nurse comes in to tell us that it is time to get ready to have the baby.

10:31am Our sweet baby Gavin James Bailey is born. He is silent and stretches as soon as he is laid down on the table.

10:40am They wrap Gavin in a blanket and let me hold him for a few seconds. I told him he was beautiful and that he looked just like his daddy.

10:45am The nurses took Gavin from our room to the nursery. It wasn't until Jason came back into the room that we found they took him right to the NICU.

I would love to end this story by saying that they brought Gavin back into the room, I was able to nurse him for the first time and we carried our baby boy out of the hospital a few days later to go home. But, as most of you know, that is not our story. That is not Gavin's story. Beautiful as that one may have been - our story is beautiful too.


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

I got all teary with the blessing you got that day. I was reminded of My friends cousin that was born with a lot of disabilities. He is Mentally Retarded but was able to receive his patriarchal blessing and in there he was told that because of how valiant he was in the preexistence, he was given this body so that Satan would have no hold over him on this earth, that he couldn't be tempted by him.
Did you get the things I dropped off the other day? :)

Malia said...

I'm glad you posted this so that we can, in a small way, relive parts of Gavin's coming into this world with you. You're not alone. We're thinking of you and Jason constantly. Hang in there.

debbie said...

I love the way you shared your story and I love every time we get to know more of your story and Gavin's story. Thank you for sharing!!

Tiffani said...

We are thinking of you today. My heart aches for you, but I amazed at your faith in over the past year. It is inspiring to watch Him hold you up.
Love you guys.

cassi said...

We are thinking and praying lots for your family today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.