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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do You Really Want to Ask the Baileys to Babysit?

Tonight I was able to babysit a sweet little boy in our ward while his mom went grocery shopping. As I was rocking him I remembered a really funny story about Jason and babysitting. During our first year of marriage we were still in college at SUU in Cedar City, UT. One of our neighbors had a night class twice a week and asked if we would watch her six month old son, Liam during her classes. We said yes - and it was great birth control for about three years after that! Just kidding, he was actually a very sweet boy. So, one night while we were watching Liam he had a diaper blow out. You know the kind . . . the-up-the-back-and-down-the-legs kind of blow out. I started changing his diaper (Jason had nonchalantly left the room when the messy diaper was discovered) and realized it was going to be a two person job. I have younger siblings and I have changed a million diapers, but Jason . . . he was on the younger end of his family so he didn't know a thing about diaper changes. I told Jason I needed to clean off Liam's back and asked if Jason would help lift his bottom off the floor. He looked at me confused then proceeded to grab Liam by the feet and hold him upside down for me to clean him up. Poor kid! I don't know who I felt worse for . . . Liam for being held like that or Jason because I burst into hysterical laughter! So, there we were in the middle of the living room trying to clean up this little guy while Jason kept shooting glances at the diaper with a horrified expression - like it was the most terrifying object he had ever seen. Poor Liam. Who knew a diaper change would be so intense?!


Sizemore said...

It is funny how most guys seem to have an experience such as yours and Jason's. Thanks for making me laugh.


Sizemore said...


I can TOTALLY see Jason's expression!!!

Chattertons said...

Thanks again for babysitting!! Austin seems to time his BMs just right so it's someone else that has to change it! :)

Debbie Freeman said...

At least Jason was willing to hold him up for you. Before we had kids, Paul thought that the only way to solve a situation like that was to take them outside and hose them down.

alli may said...

that's awesome! we would trust you to babysit anytime.