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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Much Ice Cream Does It Cost To Buy a New TV?

Last night Jason and I were at our friends' house and we decided to get Port of Subs for dinner. Well, we sent the boys to get dinner and what did they come home with after 45 minutes? . . . An arm-load of ice cream. Literally. Jason walked in with two pints of Baskin and Robbins Cookies and Cream AND Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Wasn't quite what we were expecting but he didn't get any arguments from me! Well, a little bit into the evening it came out that it had taken the boys so long to pick up dinner because they had gone to Best Buy first to look at new TVs. Hmmmmmm . . . boys are gone for almost an hour . . . they come home with A LOT of ice cream . . . AND they went TV shopping? Anyone else think there was alterior motives in the ice cream treat?


Debbie Freeman said...

I guess I need to send Paul out to look at TV's. Although with my luck he would skip the icecream.

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

They're smart, you have to give them that much.

Malia said...

Mmm...whatever the reason (and that is hilarious), I LOVE ice cream!