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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Many of you know that I love tennis. I used to play in high school and we try to get out every now and then to get in a good match. Well, tonight my mom and I went to the Tennis Channel Tournament here in Vegas. We were able to watch the mens double match and let me just say . . . some of the boys were from Greece. Enough said! But really, it was fun to go out to the Darling Tennis Stadium and spend some time with my mom. Nothing like watching a great tennis match to get you motivated to get out and play again. Maybe I should add that to my list of "to-dos" . . . play more tennis!


Roger said...

I thought Jason was your Greek God

Lindsay Bailey said...

Roger -
Of course Jason is my Greek God . . .my MOM was the one looking. I SWEAR! Hahahahahaha!

T-Ray said...

Greek Gods! I would have loved the eye candy. Miss you Linz.